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Hair Extensions

Elevate Your Look With Our Premium Hand-tied Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, don’t trust just anyone.

Hair Extensions Tampa


Make sure you find an experienced technician who is certified and trained in the proper application, styling, and removal of hair extensions.

When applied properly, hair extensions are perfectly safe for your hair and scalp. The majority of the hair we use is 100% Remy, human hair from India and Europe, but every situation is unique, and not one specific product is necessarily the best for every individual.

Our hair extensions experts are trained and certified in the seamless application (and proper removal) of today’s most popular types of hair extension:

  • Hand Tied Hair Extensions
  • Tape-in Hair Extensions
  • Keratin Bonded/Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Beaded I-Tip Extensions

We prefer to use Hand Tied extensions because we carry our own brand of this type of hair extension. Since it’s our brand we are able to ensure that the hair is high-quality and that it will give our clients the best results.

Which Hair Extensions Are Best for You?

The right hair extensions for you will depend on the length and strength of your hair, the desired look you want, and your budget.

Other factors to consider include your lifestyle, how you’d like to style your hair on a daily basis, and the amount of required upkeep. We will discuss all these details, give you style ideas and review how you would need to take care of your hair extensions in between appointments.

We want you to make an informed decision, which is why we offer a Free Hair Extensions Consultation.

We Work With Our Own Brand Of Hair Extensions

Elevate Hand Tied Extensions

Hand Tied Extensions – Natural Beaded Rows, Beaded Weft Extensions, Waterfall Extensions

Recommended for all hair types.

Elevate Hair South Tampa offers several different methods of Hand-tied Extensions, each one suited to different hair types.

NBR extensions use the fewest amount of contact points while the other beaded weft methods allow weight to be evenly distributed across a well-anchored row using many beads.

The perfect method for you is determined during your free consultation and takes into account your hair’s natural density, texture, and desired length, and fullness.

With each beaded method, weft hair extensions receive a customized seamless color and are then sewn into your hair in rows using only thread and silicone-lined beads. No glue, tape, or harsh chemicals are used so the removal takes only minutes.

With proper installation and care, there is absolutely no damage to your natural hair. Beaded row extensions are so comfortable, that you’ll forget you’re wearing them at all. They are virtually undetectable and hair looks seamless.

After a week of wear, hair can be fastened up into a ponytail (extensions need to loosen).

The hair itself lasts between 9-12 months, depending on how well you take care of it.

How To Take Care Of Your Elevate Hand-Tied Extensions

  • Do not wash your hair for 24-48 hours after your initial install.
  • Wash with Sulfate FREE shampoo & conditioner. Avoid oversaturating conditioner at the top of extensions.
  • Oil the mid to ends of the hair at least once a day. Avoid the root area of hair.
  • Blow-dry the top of your extensions so the hair does not hold moisture. Air-dried hair is fine. This is very important.
  • Sleep in a low braid or ponytail.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase.
  • Only use brushes designated for extension care, working from ends up.
  • Brush a few times a day to prevent tangling.
  • Avoid getting sunscreen on the extensions.
  • When swimming, coat your hair in conditioner and wear in a braid or loose, high bun.
  • We have noticed that hard water can strip natural and extension hair of color and nutrients. If possible, use soft water.
  • Be aware, saltwater and chlorine can strip hair of color.
  • Do not cut Hand Tied Wefts.
  • Hair can last 6-12 months with proper care.

Extensions are human products. Because of this, you will experience things like color fading over time. Our extensions can be toned and colored using Demi-Permanent Colors. We do not recommend bleaching or lightening your extensions.

Because our extensions are real human hair, even if you are treating it with the utmost care and attention it will still get split ends.  During every other re-install appointment be sure to get ends dusting just like you would your natural hair.

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