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Hair Extensions

Hand-tied, Tape-in, Fusion, & I Tip

When it comes to hair extensions, don’t trust just anyone.

Make sure you find an experienced technician who is certified and trained in the proper application, styling and removal of hair extensions. When applied properly, hair extensions are perfectly safe for your hair and scalp. The majority of the hair we use is 100% Remy, human hair from India and Europe…but again, every situation is unique and not one specific product is necessarily the best.

Our hair extensions experts are trained and certified in the seamless application (and proper removal) of today’s most popular types of hair extension:

  • Hand Tied Hair Extensions
  • Tape in Hair Extensions
  • Keratin Bonded/Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Beaded I-Tip Extensions

Which Hair Extensions Are Best for You?

The right hair extensions for you will depend on the length and strength of your hair, the desired look you want, and your budget.

Other factors to consider include your lifestyle, how you’d like to style your hair on a daily basis, and the amount of required upkeep. We will discuss all these details, give you style ideas and review how you would need to take care of your hair extensions in between appointments.

We want you to make an informed decision, which is why we offer a Free Hair Extensions Consultation.

Different Types Of Hair Extensions

What Are Your Options?

Hand Tied Extensions – Natural Beaded Rows, Beaded Weft Extensions, Waterfall Extensions

Recommended for all hair types.

Salon Forgione offers several different methods of Hand tied Extensions, each one suited to different hair types.

NBR extensions use the fewest amount of contact points while the other beaded weft methods allow weight to be evenly distributed across a well anchored row using many beads.

The perfect method for you is determined during a consultation, and takes into account your hair’s natural density, texture, and desired length and fullness.

With each beaded method, weft hair extensions receive a customized seamless color, and are then sewn into your hair in rows using only thread and silicone-lined beads. No glue, tape, or harsh chemicals are used so the removal takes only minutes.

With proper installation and care, there is absolutely no damage to your natural hair. Beaded row extensions are so comfortable, that you’ll forget you’re wearing them at all. They are virtually undetectable and hair looks seamless.

After a week of wear, hair can be fastened up into a ponytail (extensions need to loosen).

The hair itself lasts between 9-12 months, depending on how well you take care of it.

Micro Links, Beaded I Tip

Soft, tiny, silicone-lined beads are individually looped onto hair and crimped down to hold your natural hair and the hair extension in place.

The advantage of beads is that you don’t need chemical removers or heat to work on them, so those with particularly sensitive hair and skin can benefit from a beaded method.

They are very light and easily camouflaged which makes them ideal for all hair types. Your hair can be fastened up into a ponytail with no visibility.

Micro Infusion, Fusion Extensions

Ideal for fine, short, and/or thinning hair, Micro infusion utilizes tiny fusion extensions. The bonds are so minuscule and light that they are virtually invisible and non damaging.

We use this method on extremely fine hair to add fullness. It can also be used to correct broken hair from chemical damage or and lengthen the shortest haircuts (hair must be at least 4”).

This is the most inconspicuous, longest lasting extension method, with bonds lasting up to 4 months.

Tape In Hair Extensions

These are high quality human hair weft extensions that apply easily with a medical grade adhesive that’s totally safe for the hair.

Sometimes referred to as skin weft extensions or seamless hair extensions, tape in extensions can be applied right near the scalp and the hairline without detection.

Our tape in hair extensions are of 100% Human Remy hair, gathered in small sections and formed into a weft with adhesive tape at the top. Each weft is strategically placed around your head, fastened top and bottom between sections of your natural hair.

Designed to be seamless, they lay flat against your head without any bulk. And because tape in hair extensions don’t require any heat or tools, the application process is very efficient.

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